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Peerless is committed to the quality and services we provide to our customers. Peerless maintains a quality system, based on AS9100 and AS9120.  The AS9100 quality system was adopted in keeping with the company's overall commitment to its customers and is reflected in our company's formal quality policy "To provide all of our customers with the highest quality goods and services in a timely, efficient and consistent manner." Peerless believes that it maintains an effective system, which promotes the ideals of quality, throughout all aspects of our operations. 

The quality systems of this facility have been certified by DQS Inc. to the AS9100, AS9120 and AC 00-56A Standards.

To view or download a copy of our approval  certificate in Adobe Acrobat format, please click here.

To view or download a copy of our quality manual in Adobe Acrobat format (~3mb), please click here.

To view or download a copy of Peerless' Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (that are incorporated by reference on our purchase orders), please Click Here

To view or download a copy of our standard quotation and terms of sale conditions Click Here

Specific customer flow-down requirement clauses / documents that may be invoked on Peerless purchase orders can be viewed by Clicking Here.

To ensure the highest quality of our products, Peerless performs incoming inspections on all material lots, using industry accepted sampling plans such as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 and DLAM 8200.5. Our Quality Assurance Department uses state of the art equipment, as appropriate, during inspection procedures including: Digital Calipers and Micrometers, Rockwell Hardness Testors, Digimatic Indicators Thread Gauges w/SPC, and an Optical Comparitor w/SPC. All of our inspection equipment is calibrated on regularly scheduled intervals, ensuring accurate and consistent measurements.

Peerless maintains a state of the art computer system running enhanced inventory management software. This system allows us to rapidly determine the location of materials within our facility, as well as letting us know which material lots were shipped to our customers. In addition to complete inventory management, our system allows us to maintain 100% lot trace ability for all of our products, both internally and on all shipments made to our customers.

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